50's style Dress

50's style Dress

Many of you may not no this but I'm a huge fan of kitsch and 50's style (well I like many decades when it come to fashion). I love fit and flair. I Love Lucy style. It accentuates me in all the right places and is forgiving were you need it.

Mix it up with menswear hat and loafers for a modern twist.



Love a good dress? My go to  is http://www.eshakti.com/

Their size range is 0-5x.  AND you can customize!!


IMG_3882 (1).jpg

Vintage Style Bag- 


loafers in patent

Bag- Trashy Diva


Loafers- Nordstrom


Brim         Jacket

Goorin Bros                            CARLISE


Busy day means flats !!

(whoops my purse was open :) 

Heels not necessary!